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EICH Amplification
A song really first starts when the bass enters..." Most people feel that the lower frequencies are not just perceived with the ears but rather felt with the whole body. They first make a piece complete and breathe life into the song. EICH delivers the general requirements for this.
Teye Guitars
Teye and his team have been building electric guitars since 2006. Actually when Les Paul told Teye 'this guitar is the closest to the idea box I have in my head' Teye stopped touring to dedicate his life to building the most versatile instruments in the world. His guitars look amazing but sound even better.
CTM Monitors
Clear Tune Monitors is an in-ear manufacturing company focused on the precision of sound, and there is nothing more important than precision. Whether you are a professional musician or a music lover wanting to take your listening experience to the next level, Clear Tune Monitors (CTM) offers a wide array of products to get you that precision of sound you are looking for.
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