About pepe1001.nl
and what I Offer

pepe1001 is an abbreviation of my name Peter-Paul and 1001 things I manage to do. I am a spindle within the industry related to bass and guitar products. Active in the music industry as A&R, Stage-manager, FOH -and monitors and soldering audio perfectionism since 1996. 

 What can I do to assist you? 

The name pepe1001 was founded years ago. I can’t even remember when but it must have been around high-school when I used the name primarily for correspondence besides driving a Sportster 1000 (..what’s in a name…) Since day one soldering multi connectors for PA purposes, working as a musician, being the monitor guy, stage manager, servicing gear and since 2016 as A&R for Eich Amps. Call it Ill passionate to the Ridiculousness while there is no limit on all facet. Busy with 1001 objects.  I’m always fascinated when it comes to finding the right tool to do the right job. Bass or guitar and helping out musicians in every kind of way. Making connections between companies is what I love. Helping find the right tone for an artist moved me forward when visiting the artist I represent for Eich Amps.  Covid helped to give my personal situation a boost and finally start expanding the job besides Eich but seek innovative solutions bringing into Europe and let people get acquainted with them. Peter-Paul, September 2020